Your tailor-made HashiCorp stack awaits you!

As the first HashiCorp partner in Switzerland, Adfinis covers the entire HashiCorp stack with certified engineers and is therefore the perfect partner to help you implement the Cloud Operations Model in your organization - from consulting to implementation and operation.


Manage Secrets & Protecting Sensitive Data

Protect, store, control, and rotate access to passwords, tokens, certificates, encryption keys, and other sensitive data via a web interface, command line or REST API.

Together with your IT and security teams, our certified engineers help you plan, roll out and operate HashiCorp Vault. Whether it is the connection of third-party solutions, automation via APIs or the integration of an HSM - with our experience, the implementation will be done more efficient and according to best practices.

Vault is probably the most popular Secret Management solution and stands out among other things by its APIs and enterprise possibilities such as the connection to an HSM.


Vault Use Cases & Benefits

Vault Key Features

  • Security also on third-party hardware, e.g. in a public cloud
  • Audit journal and role-based access
  • HSM integration & FIPS 140-2 compliance
  • Automation via APIs and automatic password rotation

Secrets Management

Centrally store, access, and distribute dynamic secrets such as tokens, passwords, certificates, and encryption codes.

Data Protection

Protect your application data with centralized key management and simple APIs and keep control who gets access to the data.


Infrastructure as Code

Secure provisioning and management of multi-cloud infrastructures of any size.

Using HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL), a simple, human-readable configuration language, you can define a provider-independent configuration of infrastructure resources. The configuration can also be defined in JSON for programmatic generation and application integration. Reduce dependencies to a specific cloud API and increase the speed and maintainability of your cloud deployments.

Together with your IT team, our certified engineers support you in the planning and implementation of the Infrastructure-as-Code strategy using HashiCorp Terraform. Whether for the automation of public cloud deployments or the optimization of on-premise processes - with our experience, the implementation will be done more efficient and according to best practices.

Terraform is probably the most popular infrastructure-as-code solution to provide cloud and infrastructure services.

Terraform Use Cases & Benefits

Terraform Key Features

  • Automation and standardization of infrastructure deployments
  • Reduction of vendor lock-in using generic configuration language
  • Reproducibility and auditing of infrastructure changes
  • Key to your own multi-cloud strategy

Multi-cloud Management

Provisioning and managing public and private infrastructure using a generic and human-readable configuration language.

Self-service Infrastructure

Implementation of infrastructure deployments using the self-service approach and the associated acceleration of processes and breaking of internal dependencies.


Connect and Secure Any Service

Service-to-service communication for public and private cloud

HashiCorp Consul provides a distributed network layer to connect, secure, and control services across system boundaries. This makes it possible to implement a zero-trust approach in which only services that have explicit permissions are allowed to communicate with each other. In addition, connections are encrypted end-to-end to meet necessary security requirements over public communication channels or in public cloud environments

Together with your IT team, our certified engineers support you in the planning and implementation of service-to-service communication using HashiCorp Consul. Whether in a public cloud environment or to implement a zero trust approach in your on-premise environment - with our experience, the implementation will be done more efficient and according to best practices.

Consul is one of the most popular solutions to meet the highest security requirements in the network environment and to implement a zero-trust approach.

Consul Use Cases & Benefits

Consul Key Features

  • Service-to-service communication for bare metal, VM and container workloads
  • Secure connections across system boundaries, e.g. in public cloud environments
  • Service registry and service discovery

Encrypted and Controlled

Fully encrypted, authenticated and authorized communication even for protocols without integrated encryption and clearly defined rules which communication may be established or not.

Service Discovery

Service Registry, integrated health checks and DNS and HTTP interfaces enable each service to be recognized and discovered by other services.

The Journey starts now!

Your Workflow, Your Infrastructure, Your Business!

 Each product addresses a focused concern for the technical and organizational challenges of infrastructure automation.

This means that products can be taken individually or together. We achieve this by enabling consistent workflows - not technologies. In this way, customers can follow the same approach in their private data centers, as well as in their cloud environments.

Get to know us at our Meet-up or during a private session

Between the 22nd and 24th of June, the community will gather for the HashiConf Digital - an online HashiCorp community conference with the same keynotes, technical sessions, product updates, and community connections that you have come to expect from HashiCorp events.

After the Conference Sessions, Adfinis, one of the main sponsors, is offering daily 15 minutes Meet-up Sessions that everyone can join. So grab a beer and have a talk with our experts!

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