OpenShift meets Vault

Increasing digitalization brings new challenges, especially when it comes to security.

Security of Sensitive Data: A Company’s Top Priority

Increasing digitalization brings new challenges, especially when it comes to security and compliance.

For companies handling sensitive data - such as banks, financial institutions, insurance and health care companies - it is a top priority to keep tight control over the assets that protect the very core of their business. These digital assets are called secrets and can come in the form of access tokens, passwords, certificates and encryption keys.


Pain Points That Sound Familiar to You?

  • No audit trail who accessed which secret and when, employees who left the organization know many crucial secrets
  • Secrets are not rotated for years and it’s a labour intensive operation
  • Passwords written down on Post-IT notes or transfered by mail, chat, etc.
  • Requesting certificates for web services takes days, is processed through tickets and expired certificates cause downtimes
  • Software that stores its secrets in plain text configuration files
  • Missing automation capabilities to manage secrets like the container workload

Keeping Tight Control Over Secrets Without Losing Productivity

Managing secrets at scale is a challenge that is not just a technical detail, but needs attention from all levels of business.

HashiCorp’s Vault, running on Red Hat’s Kubernetes platform OpenShift, is the central pillar to a solution that strongly mitigates the risk of breached secrets and stolen data, while offering best in class flexibility, developer friendliness and machine to machine automation through APIs.

Microsoft Azure is a complete cloud platform combining cloud services and enterprise-ready open source components that can host existing applications, enable a whole new approach of working and managing the development of new applications.

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Take a first step toward data protection

“Vault done right” - that’s what the session is all about. We offer a free consulting session about Secrets Management, Certificates PKI, Vault Architecture, in combination with OpenShift and Azure (or even without). The session will take about 1 hour and can be held in German or English.

What you get:

  • Assessment of the current infrastructure and secrets management
  • Best practices examples how to handle secretes in an auditable and compliant way
  • Insights on infrastructure adaptations needed
  • Q&A with our experts

The session is non-binding and will be conducted with our Solutions Engineers.

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Due to trustworthy partnerships with HashiCorp, Red Hat and Microsoft as well as many years of experience in Vault, Openshift and Azure, Adfinis is the perfect match for your company entering and mastering the field of data protection. Unlock your potential.


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